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Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin’s Premier Dealer/Distributor for the Innovative Sage Oil Vac System.

Introducing a new concept that will allow you to change oil and fluids with an exclusive patented vacuum and pressure process.

Utilizing the Sage Oil Vac ‘no pumps’ process means your lube equipment is ready when you are – no more pumps breaking down mid-service. Investment in Oil Vac equipment can have a quick payback just in work force time savings alone.

Commercial jobsites today are demanding that crews and companies working on the site have zero oil spills, making enclosed fluid transfer the preferred way of operation.

Oil Vac
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No Mess! – No Spills! – Clean – Fast – Easy – Cost Effective 

No Waste!  

No Burns!  

Efficient- This unique process is 66% FASTER than traditional drain methods. Oil can be vacuumed at rates up to 5 gallons per minute!

Faster oil changes mean your equipment is up and running faster. An enclosed vacuum and pressure process is up to 66% faster than gravity drain.

Once vacuum and pressure are created in the ASME-rated pressure tanks, the air compressor may be shut off or used for other tasks.

Reduce Costs - Cut down on messy maintenance supplies such as oil funnels, oily rags, pig mats, and other supplies that are associated with oil changes that are not 100% self-contained and enclosed.

Eliminates spills and with them, EPA fines and costly cleanups.

Purchasing bulk oil may be more cost effective than purchasing in gallons or quarts. Bulk oil can be purchased at savings of up to $1 per gallon

Value of Used Oil – Clean used oil has value! Used oil is used as fuel, in asphalt plants, or in waste oil heaters for shops/factories

Ease of Use- No more draining, toting and transferring used oil or other fluids from the drain pan or vehicle into buckets!

Patented Filter Stinger attaches to the used oil evacuation hose and punctures the oil filter before it’s spun off.  This patented device vacuums out most of the hot, used oil from the oil filters eliminating the mess and reducing your exposure to burns on your technicians.

The versatility of the system allows for vacuuming of fresh fluid from bulk storage, drums, or totes to load product tanks. This process eliminates the pump needed to transfer fluids to the Sage Oil Vac Equipment. The Barrel Straw allows operators to get oil at a job site or remote location and vacuum the oil into the system. This process is 100% self-contained to reduce the chance of spills.

When using the Barrel Straw, fresh oils/fluids are not exposed to outside elements through venting of tanks or open pouring of containers into equipment - eliminating the chance for outside contaminants getting into the fresh oil. This is becoming more and more important when considering today’s equipment and the sensitivity to contaminants in important machine systems.

All of our systems work on the same premise: Using air to create vacuum and pressure to move fluids throughout the system. We use 200 psi ASME-rated pressure vessels and a standard air compressor to generate as much as 22 inches of mercury vacuum to powerfully vacuum used motor oils and 120 lbs. of air pressure to distribute fresh fluid to the target equipment. The system also allows the operator to vacuum fresh bulk oil into the system to load the tanks. When the used oil tank becomes full, the operator simply pressurizes the tank to offload. 

Optional - quick disconnect fittings vacuum fluids out directly from the equipment with one click!  Fluid is completely contained!

Drain Plug
  • No labor spent removing drain plugs
  • No chance of stripping drain plug threads
  • Enclosed fluid changing operation
  • Eliminate chances of hot oil spills
  • Protects operator from contact with hot fluid
  • Vacuum oil directly from the pan

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